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We chose Joe to do the videography for our wedding after our wedding planner gave us his contact details. I have worked a lot with media (videographers and photographers) through my work as a model so I am very fussy when it comes to choosing people to film me. On the wedding day we found Joe to be very friendly and he put my husband at ease (my husband hates being photographed and filmed as he's quite shy). Soon after we returned home to the UK we received our wedding DVD. We were gobsmacked to how amazing it was, the introduction of the DVD made me feel overwhelmed with emotion. Joe had also had recorded some of our guests talking to the camera which we really liked. We thought Joe had put a lot of work into editing the video and we are really proud of the end result. I wish he lived in the UK so that I could hire Joe for parties, as the memory he created for us was astounding. I can assure you from working with lots of people over the years, that Joe is the best you will find.

Caruana Wedding Videography

We specialise in high quality wedding movies and have one aim, to make the memories of your wedding vivid and special so you may relive your magical wedding day many times over. Remember the feelings, sights and sounds of having all your family and friends celebrating you're wedding.

We have over 20 years experience and limit the number of weddings filmed each year to ensure high quality and attention to detail. We just recently moved our business from the UK to Malta, and we are covering Malta and Gozo.

‚ÄčAll our equipment is now 4k capable.


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