Children and Newborns

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I LOVE childhood photography and capturing families exactly as they are together. My outdoor sessions are playful, I can photograph your kids playing, snuggling with a new sibling or swimming! I use the natural beauty of available light to create all portraits of pregnant bellies, children, and families; I do this on beaches, in the woods, parks or even at your home.
My newborn sessions are calm and easy so parents can have a memorable experience for their baby’s first professional photographs. Please contact me as soon as possible to ensure availability, we can arrange a flexible date and time based on your due date. This can take place in your home, at my home or we can travel to a location that is special to you.

Newborn Magic
The first few weeks of a baby’s life are so precious and always special for any new parent. I want you to be able to remember that fragility and newness, your baby’s beautiful skin, tiny fingernails, soft downy hair, curled up toes, chubby cheeks, little legs and those baby yawns which make newborn baby photographs so adorable. I aim to create images that provide the essence of newborn magic, so that you can smell the sweet baby powder when you look at your baby’s portraits.

During your 1 OR 2 hours photo session, you can relax knowing there is ample time for breaks, feeds, a change, or a nap. This can take place at your home or my home. I have a lovely collection of beautiful baby hats and blankets to customize your session. I even have wifi for Dad’s too! I recommend that you bring along several feeds for baby and for yourself. I use extra heat to keep your newborn nice and warm while naked so it’s best to wear layers.

To get those beautiful sleeping poses, it’s easier if your baby is between 5 and 10 days old, older babies will have more waking poses so please book early. I advise to pre-book during late pregnancy if possible. If your baby makes an early appearance we can simply reschedule to accommodate.

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